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What is Innovative Action?

“Innovative Action” is the ability to create new, superior ideas and apply them at critical times.


The “Innovative Thinking System” is an interactive program that develops this ability. It is an interactive workshop designed to equip each participant with the techniques for creativity and idea generation, seven techniques for screening ideas, seven techniques for polishing ideas and seven techniques for implementation planning, so that the creative idea can become an innovation.

ITS™ History

Many years ago, Einstein said, “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” In other words, what worked yesterday, or what worked with one company will very likely not work now. The main reason for this is that sometimes a technique that worked no longer does or is no longer relevant. Because of this, there is a need to constantly generate new ideas, new approaches to work with the new situations. This is what the Innovative Thinking System does. It takes into account that one solution does not fit all or is relevant all the time, and then works with individuals to create viable new initiatives to solve their problems and generate breakthroughs on a personal and corporate level.

The Innovative Thinking System (or ITS™) has been effectively used for more than 10 years by many of Japan's and Korea’s most successful companies to unleash creativity, helping them act quickly and proactively with everything from emerging market trends to complex organizational situations. ITS™ has especially been effective in the area of developing new products and services, dealing with complex negotiations, and managing team and project crises. This approach has benefited more than 500,000 participants in over 5,000 organizations, including major the automobile manufacturers in Japan, since ITS™ inception.

Although this program has been very effective in Asia and our many of our business partners around the world, many have asked what makes ITS™ different from the many other programs on the market. There are many methods for coming up with new ideas, developing creativity, so why should ITS™ be considered? The reason is simple: the Innovative Thinking System is a complete system for revitalizing a company on many levels.

ITS™ is not only about creativity. As important as that is, this system focuses primarily on developing and implementing ideas, not just on generating them. The basic concept is that innovation equals creativity plus implementation, with the main emphasis is on creating attainable and sustainable results on the ground, within the particular company the participants are coming from. So, results are practical, relevant, and have a direct affect on the company’s bottom line. This is very important, as many companies have the experience of generating numerous ideas that never become reality. But with ITS™, many companies have been able to not only generate the ideas, but then have been able to develop and present them in such a way as to get management buy-in, so that the ideas can actually be implemented.