We Make Things Happen

Your partner for people development

Locally trusted and with an excellent performance record, ACG Human Capital Solutions, Corp. is frequently called upon by the most well-known and well-regarded companies to help build and develop human capital in their organizations. We specialize in designing and implementing strategic leadership services and organization development programs across all industries. We will work with you, our clients and partners, on ways to improve areas resulting to organizational effectiveness. ACG is the sole distributor and agent of the LIFO® Method in the Philippines and Licensee of ITS™ Innovative Thinking System, an affiliate of Business Consultants, Inc. Japan, an organization development tools used by top corporations globally.

Nowadays, industries are going through dramatic changes. Your organization is also going through changes – globalization. Market consolidation and outsourcing are just some of the key issues in today's marketplace. The human capital remains to be the crucial differentiator for success. Together, we can make learning a critical success factor in your company.

Your journey to success starts here.

ACG Human Capital Solutions, Corp. is a dedicated team of experts committed to take HR solutions to a whole different level. With years of experience under our belts, and backed up by solid business experience of consultants, all coming from varied industries, we have forged successful partnerships with local and multi-national corporations. ACG is your integrated Human Capital Solutions specialist. We help clients assess their organization and manpower, then develop and implement practical strategies to achieve measurable improvements in individual and company performance.

Our Mission

To create a framework of business relationships that is bounded by trust. Deliver personalized service to organizations that enable individuals and business units to grow in understanding the human behavior. Thus, allowing them to deliver optimum productivity thereby preserving self-worth while achieving reasonable gain based on the business objectives.

Our Vision

We aim to be the clients' top choice locally by 2015 and in South East Asia by 2020 when it comes to their organizational productivity and development needs.

Our Values

The driving force in our company is our values. Our vision guides us to achieve our desired future. Our mission inspires us to actualize our purpose. And our values define us – who we are, how we do things, and how we relate to other people and to each other. By translating these values in our day-to-day operations, we ensure, our clients, co-employees, shareholders and the communities we serve, the best quality of service we can provide.