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The Service Quality Solutions is for you and for your organization. It is designed for personal empowerment that makes you the best on what you do. SQS achieves a positive transformation in professionals by increasing awareness of the self and one's self worth. It is also for improving one's skills for communication and cooperation in dealing with others. Moreover, it is important to understand today's competitive marketplace by becoming a service driven organization. This requires the commitment of the top management to provide proper training to each and every employee and to empower the work force with customer friendly systems and procedures. Therefore, SQS is a guaranteed investment for your company and your personal success.

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Human Capitalization & Organizational Development Series

Performance Management System

Basic Organization Development

Job Proficiency

Competency Framework

Organizational Climate

Succession Planning

Supervisory Development Program

Management Development Program

Executive Development Program

Communication Skills Series

Effective Business Writing

Effective Presentations

Technical Writing

Interpersonal Communication

Personal Development Series

Email Etiquette

Excellence in Service - Basic & Advanced

Fundamentals of Customer Service

Grammar Essentials

Emotional Intelligence

Public Management

Stress Management

Management and Leadership Series


Supervisory Training

Effective Office Administration

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Selling Skills Series

Essential Sales Connection

Overcoming Objections


Strategic Sales Management

If you need specific program(s) other than the ones listed