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Get ITS™ Certified and Training for your organization

There are two types of Innovative Thinking System™ workshops depending on your needs.

  1. ITS™ In-house Workshop:

    Are you looking to break down thinking barriers and accelerate innovation in your organization? Allow us to bring the ITS™ Workshop directly to you! This is the perfect option if you would like to customize the ITS™ Open Workshop and/or the ITS™ Trainer Certification Workshop to meet your organization’s needs and implement them at your site!

  2. ITS™ Trainer Certification Workshop:

    The Innovative Thinking System™ Certification Program is designed to provide participants with a series of practical tools for creating new ideas and turning them into real broad range of proven techniques and aligns them into a simple, manageable path for participants to follow in order to generate abundant new concepts, organize and filter them down to the single idea most likely to succeed, then hone the top idea into a useful tool and implement it as a viable new initiative.

As part of the certification process:


Certification program participants will learn how to facilitate a variety of workshops powered by the Innovative Thinking System™ that enable clients to:

    ITS™ Applications