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LIFO® Workshops

      LIFO(R) Method Certification Workshop

      LIFO(R) Orientations or LIFO(R) Method is the most effective organizational training tool in the world today. Its mission is to be the best global resource for organizational problem solving technique to contribute to the society by helping our clients build healthy organizations and improve self-esteem.

      We train trainers to deliver high-impact, low-cost training programs, utilizing LIFO(R) Method by focusing on the following critical areas of effectiveness:

      • Productivity: Break the Performance Barrier
      • Team Building: Build Teams that Work
      • Leadership: Grow EffectiveLeaders Throughout Your Organization
      • Executive Coaching: Congruence on Your Intention-Behaviour-Impact
      • Sales: Getting Sales People Motivated According to their Strengths

      September 20 to 22, 2017

ITS™ Workshops

      ITS(TM) Public Workshop

      ITS™ INNOVATIVE THINKING SYSTEM PUBLIC WORKSHOP is a (two) 2-day workshop to develop creativity that leads to innovation for individuals, teams and organizations. The program takes a broad range of proven techniques and aligns them into a simple, manageable path for participants to follow in order to generate abundant new concepts, organize and filter them down to the single idea most likely to succeed, then hone the top idea into a useful tool and implement it as a viable new initiative.

      October 18 to 19, 2017

SQS Workshops

      The Application of Emotional Intellegence

      Emotional Intellegence is the capacity to recognize and effectively manage emotions in ourselves and with others. Emotional Intellegence increases our ability to make good decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change.

      August 22, 2017

      Advanced Interpersonal Communication

      This course is intended to assist individuals in recognizing their own communication styles and how their individual styles differ from the communication styles of others in the workplace.

      September 20, 2017

      Effective Implementation of Business Continuity Planning

      Focused on the skills of developing and implementing your Business Continuity Plan (BC Plan). This workshop is suitable for anyone who has been given the responsibility by the management to develop the Business Continuity Management charter.

      October 30, 2017

      Stress Free November: Stress Management Workshop

      Figure out how to de-stretch oneself with straightforward exercises in a brisk paced way of life.

      November 17, 2017

      Management Development for Supervisors

      Provides the knowledge of newly promoted leaders specially in dealing with their boss and handling their own people

      December 13, 2017

      Business English

      -Effective Presentations
      -Functional English
      -Grammar Essentials

      August 29, 2017

      Life Dynamics for Teams

      -Team Participation
      -Team Building
      -Team Management

      September 26, 2017

      Customer Service Leadership: A Certification Program

      -Learn, Lead, Transform and Cultivate Service
      -Embody Quality Culture and Excellence
      -Live Excellent Customer Service

      October 23-24, 2017

      Gender Sensitivity Program

      A two-day development intervention program which aims to change awareness, knowledge, skill and behaviour in relation to gender. It concerns with developing skills, capacity to translate such awareness into very specific tools that can be used into practice. 

      November 13-14, 2017

      Corporate Image Management

      -Achieve Excellence
      -Build Image
      -Elevate Confidence
      -Maximize Power

      December 12, 2017